First Post, Missions, Purpose


Missions…is it the central theme of scripture?  Debates, theologies, philosophies and dogmas have been created, destroyed, and propagated based upon what men have supposed to be the central theme of the Bible.  I will not attempt to convince you that Missions is the pinnacle of scripture, but rather that it is the plan of God for every believer.

These pages will be my rants, my opinions and my prejudices about missions and ministry.  I suspect that one day, standing before a living God, who judges all thoughts and deeds, I will have a perspective that is more balanced and more full of grace than anything that will find itself recorded in these virtual pages.  However, until that day, I can only be faithful to that passionate fire that burns within me.  It is a burning passion stoked by the grace show to me by a loving God.  This fiery zeal compels me to not only dare myself, but other disciples, to show the same mercy that has been show to us, to those dark souls, who have yet to be illuminated by the Light of Christ Jesus Our Lord.

Note for the reader: When I write the term Missions, I will be speaking specifically of foreign missions.  When I wish to refer to domestic missions (even cross-cultural home missions) I will denote that within the text by referring to it as home missions.


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